We offer a review class in the mornings of the days when Amateur Radio exams are held in Pahrump, NV This review is for the Technician class license only.

Examinations for new Amateur Radio licenses and for upgrades of existing licenses are held in Pahrump on the second Saturday of each month. For dates, see

The location is 1510 Siri Lane, Pahrump. NV 89060. For directions to the class site, see

The study program requires you to obtain ahead of time a copy of the Technician Class Question Pool, a group of about 400 questions out of which 35 will appear on your exam.  The Pool can be found in license study books, and it is available online for free.  Make sure that the Pool you study is labeled as valid for the date on which you wish to take the exam. 

To download the Pool for the Technician Class Amateur Radio License for free, go to and download the Element 2 Question Pool in Microsoft Word or text format.  Also download the Figures (electrical diagrams) that are part of the Pool. 

The questions are all multiple choice, with answers being A, B, C, or D. The correct answer for each question is shown in parenthesis right after the Question number, like this:
        T1A02 (C) [97.1].
In this example, "T1A02 is the question number, "C" is the correct answer, and "97.1" is the FCC rule that covers this question. Please do not memorize just the letter that precedes the answer, as it probably will be a different letter on the actual exam.

Now you have several choices. You can print out the document (it is 76 pages), and go through it question by question highlighting the correct answers. To save paper, delete all the wrong answers before printing (40 pages). 

Or, to not use any paper, download the question pool to your mobile computing device (laptop, iPad, etc.), study from the device, and bring it to the study review. In the review session we will have AC power available to power your mobile device.

Study these questions for 30-60 minutes a day for 3-4 weeks and you should be able to pass the exam easily.

On exam day, a review session will be held from 8:00 AM until noon.  We will review each question and its correct answer.  We also will explain other things which will help you pass the exam.

Also see the No-Nonsense Study Guide for the Technician license. This Guide explains Amateur Radio and gives answers to the exam questions in a conversational fashion. Shown in bold type are phrases in the answers to the questions in the exam.

If you wish to attend a review class, you must pre-register by contacting Dick Grady at the phone number or email address below. If nobody pre-registers for a review class on a particular day, that class will not be held.

Dick Grady AC7EL
Phone: (775)751-5242
Email: class (at) AC7EL (dot) org